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{July 3, 2009}   Just got the contract!

I went to bed late and unintentionally got up super early even though it was a day to try to sleep in.  Oh well!  Turns out it was worth getting up early because when I went to check my email, there was a publishing contract waiting for me!


Eternal Press has contracted my short fiction piece That Taste of Orange and it will be released in time for the Christmas season!  Can’t get any better than that, can you?

I don’t write a lot of short fiction, but I do write some in order to hone my skills as a writer.  It’s far more difficult to tell an entire story in a condensed version.  Limited space.  Limited words.  It all means the writer has just as much to tell, only less to tell it in.  I started writing Flash Fiction for the same reason: to try to get an entire story out in as few words as possible.  Not an easy thing to do!

Wow!  So it’s July 3rd and I’m already thinking about Christmas and working toward a new release.  Gotta love that!

I just want to thank the Eternal Press Acquisitions Editor, Lisa Logan for her help and encouragement.  A writer needs help sometimes, and Lisa willingly gave it.  She liked the submission, but felt it needed a little tweaking.  Instead of flat out rejecting it, she rejected it with a suggestion that if I wanted to revise it a bit, she’d be happy to take another look.

I jumped at that invitation.  Good thing I did!  The reward of publication far outweighs simply digging my heels in and refusing to revise it.  I learned long ago that my words are not pearls of wisdom knotted perfectly together.  Sometimes I need to revise!  Being open to revision and suggestion is where success comes in.

Thanks Lisa!


Corinne says:

Congratulations!!! Waking up with a contract is better then a cup of coffee any day.

valeriejpatterson says:

Oh absolutely! Way better! Thanks Corrine! Happy Independence Day to you!

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