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{July 28, 2009}   Cover Corner: Mark Ozeroff

The Write Time & Place is pleased to showcase the new release of writer, Mark Ozeroff. Mark’s historical fiction novel Days of Smoke was released by Asylett Press in June and is doing very well on the Barnes & Noble owned Fictionwise. Click the cover to read an excerpt. Leave a comment and let Mark know what you think! 😛

DAYS OF SMOKE offers a compelling, mold-shattering view of World War II and the Holocaust from the unique perspective of German Luftwaffe pilot Hans Udet. Across aerial battlefields ranging over much of Europe, Hans progresses from a naïve young Messerschmidt pilot to an ace of increasing rank and responsibility. But unfolding events pit Hans’ love of the Fatherland against his natural compassion for humanity.

Days of Smoke

Fascism’s true ramifications come into focus after Hans saves a young woman from brutal sexual assault. His discovery that Rachel is Jewish–and her assailant a Storm Trooper–puts a face on Hans’ ideological conflict. As growing feelings for Rachel sensitize him to the “Jewish problem,” Hans is torn between mounting disdain for the Nazis and his sense of duty to Germany. Rachel is the unlikely bridge joining his disparate halves.

Meet Mark

Mark Ozeroff holds a near-religious fervor for aeronautical history. A lifelong pilot, he lives on an eclectic airport with aircraft ranging from Sopwith to Learjet.  It wasn’t unusual during the creation of DAYS OF SMOKE for engine song from a Rolls-Royce Merlin to nourish a burgeoning dogfight scene. Though he holds an MBA, it wasn’t until age forty-two that Mark finally realized what he wanted to be when he grew up, and thus started writing. When he’s not working on his next novel, Mark can often be found in the bicycle saddle.

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Congratulations on your book release. I love the cover and it sounds intriguing.


Mark says:

Thank you very much, Vicki. As for the cover, I figure you just can’t go wrong with a Messerschmitt .

Jay Talesky says:


Interesting story-line. I see you have the main character starting out with The Condor Legion in Spain. That bit really piqued my interest. Looking forward to reading the entire story.

Mark says:

Happy to hear you like the premise. The Spanish Civil War has always fascinated me. Particularly the assistance lent to Franco by Hitler — the conductor seized the opportunity to tune up his orchestra for the main concert. In 1937, the aerial battlefield had never seen the equal of the Bf 109; the Messerschmitt would go on to become the most voracious of raptors.

Wait, this just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead .

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