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My apologies. I promised a new Cover Corner for Tuesday, but I was feeling severely under the weather Monday and Tuesday and never got the opportunity to post the spotlight. Check back next Tuesday. I promise it’ll be here!

However, as I promised for today, here’s the blurb for Honor Thy Neighbor:

When mystery writer Ashlynn Myerson’s suspicions about her neighbors begin to mount, her homicide captain husband, Sean, warns her to just steer clear of them. He knows his wife has keen observation skills and a strong interest in becoming a police officer, but Sean’s knee deep in an investigation that thrusts him into an undercover assignment when one of his detectives is shot and left for dead. It’s not until Ashlynn steps on the wrong toes and is abducted that Sean sees the clue she left for him. He realizes her suspicions of their neighbors and his case are intricately woven together.

The effects of the investigation are far reaching, and the losses could be greater than either Sean or Ashlynn ever thought possible. But Sean will do anything within his power to get his wife back unharmed.

And here’s a brief excerpt:

Sean walked into the restaurant, looked at the faces of the wait staff preparing the restaurant for opening, searching for one face in particular. He grinned, heading toward an older man sitting at a booth, its table littered with papers.

“Can I help you?” the man asked without looking up.

“I’m looking for Mr. Ciarra.”

“You’ve found him. Have a seat.”

Sean sat down opposite Leo and his pile of bills. “I’m Sean Taylor, the new bartender.”

Leo sat silent a moment. “The last business decision Frank made turned out to be his deciding to hire a new bartender.” He offered his hand. “Welcome aboard.”

Sean released his hand. “Thanks for the job.”

Leo nodded. “Your shift is from ten until seven each day. We’re closed Sundays and Mondays—those are your days off. Otherwise, we open at eleven o’clock daily. Be certain the bar is stocked and ready to go. You’ll be responsible for the bar’s inventory. If you need supplies, I must have a list on Tuesdays before we open. Your tips are your own. What you report is your business.” He spied Sean’s wedding ring. “Good, you’re married. You won’t be hitting on the customers, but that is not to say you can’t charm a few of them. Any questions?”

Sean lowered his voice. “Is there a safe place behind the bar for my weapon?”

Leo showed his first sign of uneasiness. “There’s an old cash drawer beneath the bar. We stopped using it when we got the computerized registers. No one even remembers it’s there. Will that do?”

“As long as it’s accessible.” Sean glanced around. “Anyone besides you know what I’m really doing here?”

The older man paused, searching Sean’s eyes. “No one suspects a thing. Frank put out the word he wanted to hire a new bartender. Everyone knew.”

“What happened to the last bartender?”

“Someone murdered him,” Leo replied, fear in his voice. “Frank was the bartender. He said the place needed a fresher, younger face back there so he set about finding a replacement. I don’t think death figured into his plans for himself, if you know what I mean.”

Sean sat quiet a moment, not wanting to intrude on Leo’s thoughts. Finally, he excused himself. “I’d better get behind the bar and familiarize myself with the place.”

Leo stopped him. “Who’d you catch prowling around my place last night?”

“Some reporter claiming to be looking for her lost kitten.”

“Angelica Behrens?”

Sean nodded.

Leo shook his head in disgust. “She lives one street over. She doesn’t even own a cat.” He met Sean’s eyes. “You better get to work.”

* * * *

For some reason, the amount of alcohol consumed by the lunch crowd surprised Sean. He had no idea people drank so early in the day—or so excessively. While wiping down the bar after the last rush of people, he looked up to see Angelica Behrens seated alone at the other end of the bar. He recognized her from the photograph Cain sent to Nancy’s cell phone the night before.

“What can I get for you?” he asked, pulling her searching eyes to him.

Her hazel eyes made a lengthy appraisal of his six-foot-four-inch, muscled frame, and her red, glossy lips curled into an appreciative smile. “Let’s start with your phone number,” she replied in her practiced, ribbon-smooth voice. “Then we’ll move on down to the measurements of your chest and biceps, and any other measurements you think might interest me.” Again, her eyes moved over him before finally meeting up with his. “I’m Angelica Behrens, reporter.” She smiled. “Always after a good story as well as a good time. Your bed or mine?”

Sean brought his left hand up to rest on the black matte finish of the bar in front of her then extended his right hand. “I’m Sean. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Behrens.”

She pulled her eyes from his wedding band as his fingers locked around hers. “Is that for real or for show?”

He released her hand. “Real. As in really happily married. Newlywed in fact.”

She frowned. “Too bad. It could’ve been fun—for both of us. I’ll have a scotch, neat.”

Sean poured her scotch then watched while she downed it quickly.

She released her breath slowly, meeting his eyes—hers watering slightly. “One of the many traits I inherited from my father,” Angelica stated sharply.

“Your dad a newspaper man?”

She nodded. “A connoisseur of good scotch and fine writing. I’m the son he never had. He taught me how to write—and how to hold my liquor.” Angelica slid her glass across the bar top. “I’ll have another.”

Sean poured the scotch. “You must be off duty.”

“A reporter is never off duty.” Again, the scotch disappeared. “Care to join me? After a few of these, you’ll forget all about the little woman you have at home. I could teach you a few things you never knew you needed to know. It could work out to the wife’s favor. What do you say?”

He grinned, needing to let her down without insult or injury to her brazen ego. “I’m on duty as well.”

Angelica shrugged, her infatuation with Sean fleeting as her reporter persona took over. “You around when the cop caught the bullet meant for Leo?”

Shrugging, Sean replied, “This is my first day here.”

Her hazel eyes penetrated his. “Leo’s hiring new people in the middle of this mess?”

“Actually, Frank hired me.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Not at all. He hired me before he died.”

“And Leo kept Frank’s word for him. I wonder if Leo has his partner’s guts as well.”

“Meaning what?”

“Meaning how long before Leo closes the doors because he’s too scared he’ll join Frank? Leo is the brains of this business. Frank, the brawn—the willful bouncer. You could say Frank had all the courage Leo needed.” She paused, a smile on her glossy lips. “Frank was quite the man with the ladies as well. I know that first hand.” Again, her eyes met Sean’s. “Don’t suppose I could talk you into taking over where Frank left off?”

Sean grinned. He liked her tenacity. “My wife would not approve.”

Angelica shook her head. “A bit of a prude, is she?”

“Let’s just say she expects me to keep our wedding vows. Can I get you anything else?”

Her hazel eyes darted over the empty booths. “Where is Leo today?”

“Is he expecting you?”

She graced him with a wry smile. “He should be. I’m here every day for refueling. I missed out that afternoon the cop bought it. Traffic jam over on Euclid tied me up for over twenty minutes. Didn’t get to see anything but the cop on the floor by the time I arrived.” She motioned with her head toward the end of the bar where she found Sean when she arrived. “Down there. In a crimson pool of his own blood. Never saw Leo quite so pale. He looked as if it was his blood on the floor. Trying to convince himself that the gunman hadn’t been looking for him. I’m surprised he’s allowed to be open this soon. I’m just as surprised he had the guts to open up this morning.”

Sean listened to her cold version of Matt’s shooting wondering how a person detaches so icily from such events. His cop’s intuition told him he could get information from her if he went about it in the right way. “How did you get in here?”


“The day of the shooting. How did you get past the police line?”

Angelica smiled, obviously pleased with his curiosity. “I rode the coattails of some woman cop. A detective with the homicide department. No one ever saw me go inside.”

“Did you write about what you saw?”

The reporter watched him closely, suspicion in her hazel eyes. “Are you from another planet? Don’t you read the newspapers? Of course, I wrote about it.” She paused long enough to give him an obvious once-over. “You a cop? Someone they planted to cover Leo?”

Sean kept his cool, deciding to be amused with the leap she’d just taken. “Now, I have to ask what planet you’re from. You must have a very strong imagination to make that stretch,” he replied, giving her a grin that he hoped would chase her mind in another direction. “I’ve only been in town two days. My wife and I moved here from Canada. The only newspapers I’ve seen are the pages used to pack glassware.”

Angelica frowned. “Sounds too mundane for me,” she said, bored with him. She set a ten on the bar. “Keep the change. Buy yourself a copy of the Chronicle.” With that, she considered him no further, walking away from the bar.

Okay…I never really know how much of an excerpt to post, but hopefully this is enough to spark an interest in the book! I’ll perhaps post another excerpt later when the release date is close. If you’d like to pre-order Honor Thy Neighbor you can do so by clicking the link: PreOrder Here!

If you liked the cover and would like to see more of Jinger’s work, please visit the following link: Jinger Heaston

Jinger is such a talented individual, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of excellent covers, and maybe you’ll check out a book or two, too!

Until next time…take care and happy reading!


{August 23, 2009}   Honor Thy Neighbor News!

I’m so excited.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I turned in my edit for Honor Thy Neighbor last week, and now I just have to wait to hear back from the book editor.  I’m not a patient waiter.  I get antsy and can’t sit still.  So today, I stopped by the BookStrand website to take a look around.  I frequently do this just to stay abreast of the new releases and updates to the site.  So, this evening, I clicked on my name and guess what?  My web page on the site has been created and is there for folks to see!  I don’t know when it went active, but I saw it tonight and wanted people to know…and to see it.  So if you’ve got the time and inclination, click on the link Valerie J. Patterson and take a look around.  There’s information about the book, a small and large picture of the cover, and even an interview!  There’s even a button to pre-order the book.  Did I mention I was excited about this release?  I can’t wait for readers to discover Ashylnn and Sean Myerson!  Also, I’m just looking forward to being an author with BookStrand.  I always look forward to a new beginning.  A new pathway to walk down.

I’m a very blessed individual.  God has led me down some wonderful paths.  Asylett Press, Eternal Press, and BookStrand have opened doors of opportunity for me.  I’m enjoying success with each one, and I’m looking toward the future with all three.

I’ll post a new Cover Corner on Tuesday.  On Thursday, I hope to have a blurb for Honor Thy Neighbor and possibly an excerpt.  Thanks for continuing to read!  😛

Well, my husband surprised me with a lovely trip to Delaware.  We were all over that state!  I loved every minute of it.  The beaches are simply wonderful.  We spent the most time at Rehoboth Beach, which is huge.  We also went to Lewes Beach and Slaughter Beach (yes, that’s the real–and scary–name of the beach).  We found out AFTER we were there that a swimmer at Slaughter Beach was bitten by a shark on July 3, 2009.  And, so, that explained why we were the only people on the beach the day we visited!  I really enjoyed my time in Delaware.  So much to see and do!  Such warm and friendly people, too.  We took a coastal highway route home and crossed the massive Bay Bridge.  Lovely scenery across that bridge.  As awesome as the Bay Bridge is, my absolute favorite bridge is the Mighty Mack, which goes to Saint Ignace.

So, I brought home a bottle of sand from the beaches as is my custom when visiting the beach.  I also accumulated a variety of sea shells to put in/on the sand when I display it on the buffet in my home.  I have sand from all over:  Nova Scotia, Saint Ignace, Mackinac Island, and Africa just to name a few.

Aside from the beaches, we visited Wilmington, Dover, Harrington, Lewes, Rehoboth, Milford, and a few more cities/towns.  Spent lots of time at the Dover Air Force Base’s museum, too.  Wow!  Those planes are humongous!

It was a lovely trip and we built some great memories and have some fantastic photos to fondly look back on.

In other news, I finished my edit for Honor Thy Neighbor, which is a huge load off my plate and my shoulders.  I went through the edit several times to make sure it was as I wanted it, and that I’d made all the necessary changes/revisions/deletions.  I’m so excited about the release.  I love these characters  and I can’t wait to gain some reader feedback on them!

Her Last continues to hold it’s own in sales, which I pray just continues deep into September so that when Honor Thy Neighbor is released in September, it can gain some momentum from readers of Her Last.  Every little boost helps!

My sister called today to tell me she’s been reading my other new release from 2009–GeeWhiz Meets SHAFT.  Nothing but rave reviews!  She said she was sitting on a bench on campus today laughing out loud, which just had me beaming and grinning ear-to-ear.

I got the first round of edits for my November release–That Taste of Orange–my holiday short fiction.  I’m so excited about that release, too.  This will be the final release of 2009 for me, which closes out the year with 4–two full-length novels and two short fiction pieces.  While the joy never seems to end, neither does the work involved in 4 releases in 1 year.  I told Steve last night, I didn’t think I wanted to do that again!  But who knows, eh?  If the opportunity presents itself…

Okay, there’s a storm loudly making its presence known outside, so I better end this and get it posted.  Thank you for reading my blog, and especially for visiting the days when I showcase a new author on Cover Corner.  😛

{August 18, 2009}   Cover Corner: Steven Nedelton

The Write Time & Place is happy to extend a warm welcome to Steven Nedelton and his debut novel, suspense/thriller Crossroads.  Please take a moment to read about the book, about Steve, and click the cover photo to read an excerpt.  And hey, why not scroll to the bottom of the post and leave Steve a few words of encouragement on his new release!  Thanks!       Valerie


Crossroads_BookFront_LRGFour guards and a large Siberian dog surround him.

The chase car is still flashing red. A large Mongol with a flat yellow face and shovel-like incisors is holding his passport and visa. The guard’s Russian is hard to understand; his English is impossible. “My car stalled, I’m a tourist,” he is explaining in his bad Russian to the Mongol. The guard laughs, shows off his incisors, then pokes him in the chest with his gloved forefinger. “You play poker. You, you–capitalist spy,” he says in his best English.

* * * *

Tallman has served the agency for many years, and now he’s received a new assignment.  He’s not certain he believes in this new secret technology, but he’s only the handler.  It’s the men under his command who have to perform.  Still, he wonders about the Russian, Mikhail.  They say he’s the best in the field.

They say he’s defected…

* * * *

She knows her supervisor, Sokolov doesn’t trust Mikhail.  He believes Mikhail has defected and is revealing Soviet secrets to the Americans.  She knows he will destroy Mikhail…if he can find him.  But Tatiana will keep him safe.  Sokolov doesn’t realize the power she possesses…

* * * *

About Steve:

Steven Nedelton began writing short stories in his teens. He wrote his first novel in the late 90s. Crossroads is his first published novel. The Raven Affair, also under contract with Asylett Press, is scheduled for release late 2009. Currently he is working on his next novel The Tunnel.

Steven is a mechanical engineer, MSME (PIB/NYC), P.E. in PA and NJ. He lived for several years in Paris, France and London, England and is able to draw from his experience living abroad to add realistic description of these locales in his novels.

Visit Steve’s Website



{August 10, 2009}   Cover Corner: Victoria Roder

I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming new author, Victoria Roder to The Write Time & Place. Asylett Press released Victoria’s first book, The Dream House~Visions and Nightmares earlier this month. I expect this book to draw in readers from many genres as it crosses over several–paranormal, thriller, romance, and suspense. Have a seat, kick back, and read all about this new author! Leave her a comment below, and show your support for Victoria! Thanks so much…Valerie

TDH-BookFront_LRGRecurring dreams of a house Hope Graham’s family rented when she was a child taunt her nights with nightmares of a woman in a bloody nightgown pleading for help. Dream sequences of children metamorphosing in rats, blood spewing out of windows, and walking across decaying bones all foretell of sins of the past, and forewarn of danger in the present. In an attempt to end the agony of her sleep-depriving dreams, Hope travels to her hometown…only to discover that the truth can be more frightening than a nightmare.


When I sat down to read Dream House—Visions and Nightmares, the debut novel by Victoria Roder, I expected a book full of ghosts and attempts at spine-tingling scenes. What Roder actually delivers is a taut story with an ending only the most attentive of readers will figure out prior to reading the final chapters.

Roder strategically introduces characters, allowing the reader to gradually learn their significance. This prevents information overload, but also affords Roder the opportunity to develop multifaceted characters the reader comes to either care about or despise. Every good book has a villain, but Roder offers up more than one—and they all have their place artfully etched out in the plot.

The book opens with Hope Graham fighting off sleep and losing the battle. Nightmares plague her. Horrible, unsettling nightmares. The lack of sleep and plentiful nightmares begin to intrude on Hope’s waking hours, causing her boss at the resource center where she works to issue the ultimatum: Get it together or get out. After one nightmare too many, Hope calls her sister, Samantha and, at 3 in the morning, decides she’s going back home to Sheboygan where her sister still lives and where the house of her dreams can be found.

Hope begins to unravel the purpose of the haunting nightmares by investigating the house those nightmares center around. With a little bit of help from her sister and a lot of help from the locals, Hope not only uncovers history about the house, but she unearths secrets that force her to dig deep into her own past and confront the very real nightmare she lived through as a child.

The sunshine in the darkness of the plot comes in the form of very sexy bakery owner, Brock Cooper. Brock offers Hope all the things her ex-husband couldn’t: romance, friendship, support, encouragement, tenderness, understanding, and love. He’s her sounding board, her confidant, and her romance when she needs a break from the intense mystery surrounding her dream house. Roder holds back and successfully allows the romance to slowly blossom between these two, which is refreshing given the fact this is not a romance, but rather a paranormal thriller that serves up a happily ever after in spite of the odds against it happening.

Hope also finds an ally in the elderly busybody living across the road from the dream house. Ida is full of knowledge, but is not as forthcoming as Hope—or this reader—wants her to be. Instead, Ida has a foresight most people wished they had, and there’s a purpose for disclosing information slowly. Hope’s on a voyage of self-discovery and too much information too soon not only makes for a short book, but would defeat what Roder obviously worked so hard to combine into one exciting, unpredictable plot.

You won’t want to miss this debut novel by Victoria Roder.

4 bricks out of 5

Bea Ware

Reviewer, Writers Wall

Meet Victoria:

Victoria Roder resides in central Wisconsin with her husband and a houseful of pets. She has three grown sons. Her spare time is spent snowshoeing, roller-blading, camping, and motorcycle riding.

Victoria is currently writing her second paranormal, a ghost story entitled The Big House Inn. She has been published in Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover’s Soul, A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families, and has written articles and puzzles for numerous magazines.

Visit Victoria’s website

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{August 7, 2009}   Anniversary

August 9th is my wedding anniversary, and every year my husband plans a trip.  A majority of the time I don’t know where we’re going until we go, which is very special to me.  He’s planned some excellent trips, too.  I’m a huge fan of professional bull riding, so one year we went to one of the oldest running rodeos in the country.  I loved it!  I was glued to my seat in the stands and riveted to the action.  Then there’re trips to St. Ignace, Mackinac Island, Washington DC, Dublin for the Irish Festival–an excellent festival–Finger Lakes, Mayberry, Toronto, etc.  We’ve had exceptional trips.

Today, we embark on another trip.  I didn’t sleep well last night, and was up at the crack of dawn.  I have no idea where we’re going, either.  He’s mentioned Chicago, Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, and the Great Smoky Mountains.  Now, these are all vastly different places, and too far apart to visit all in one trip!  So, I guess I’ll find out once the car’s all packed, and we’re pulling out of the driveway!

Today is release day at Eternal Press, so I hope you’ll pop over to their website and take a look at the 8 books released today, and give a couple a read!

Her Last has been at the top of the charts for Eternal Press on fictionwise since it debuted, but I have a feeling one or two of the talented writers being released today will knock it down a number or two…or three.  It’s all good, because every writer deserves that spot, and I don’t mind sharing one bit!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  I’m off to make certain I’ve not forgotten to pack anything, and then we’ll be out the door!


{August 4, 2009}   Cover Corner: Julie Lence

It is with pleasure that The Write Time & Place showcases the work of romance writer, Julie Lence. Known simply as Juls to her family and friends, her books are available through her publisher, Asylett Press, as well as through several on-line outlets in both print and e-format. Click on the covers to read excerpts. Click the Comment button beneath the post and leave Juls some feedback. Thanks! Valerie

LL-BookFront_LRGFemales are man’s worst enemy. Charming, beautiful, they can rip a man to shreds without batting an eye.

Handsome, rugged cowboy Lucas Weston is living proof of the damage a woman can cause. Determined to keep another miss from running stampede over his heart, Lucas has garnered the reputation of a man who favors flirting and wild times between the sheets. When he’s roped into taking to the trail to escort Missy Morgan back to her home in San Francisco, Lucas isn’t too pleased…until he discovers she uses her poker-playing, whiskey-swilling ways to hide her own fears. What those fears might be, he doesn’t know, but he’s going to find out. Drawn to her from the start, Missy represents the opportunity for the life fate cheated him out of seven years ago.

Trust no one – especially men. Guard your heart. Don’t take chances. Remain in control. And never, ever forget that night…

Missy Morgan has lived by a rigid set of rules for so long she knows no other way. Life hasn’t always been fair. Fate has dealt her more losing hands than she cares to remember. But she has Lady Luck and her family. For them she’ll remain strong…until a handsome cowboy enters her life and challenges the way she lives. Against her will, she’s drawn to Lucas’ blue eyes and honesty. Would it be so terrible if she put her trust in him? The odds say yes, but something else says no. And what about that horrible night? It’s hung over her head for so long only a fool would gamble on Lucas’ goodness. And she’s not a fool. Or is she?


LOTD-BookFront_LRGRoyce Weston has little use for the opposite sex, until Paige Morgan deals him a hand he can’t refuse.

Royce Weston knows firsthand women are exceptional liars, especially the one who has wormed her way into his family’s good graces by claiming amnesia. Since Paige didn’t heed his advice at the poker tables, he reasons a bit of friendly persuasion is needed to send her packing from Wooded Acres. But when she matches him trick for trick and has his ranch hands jumping to please her, Royce knows he’s met his match. A simpering miss she is not. Sassy and daring. If only she’d give him a reason to trust her…

Royce despises her – Paige knows that much is true. But she’s convinced he knows something about her past. Until her tells her about her family, she isn’t going anywhere. If, in the meantime, she happens to tame this rough and tough cowboy, all the better. Any girl will tell you it’s not how you play the cards, it’s the Luck of the Draw that counts.


“With great characters and an intriguing plot, Luck of the Draw is a wonderful and fast-paced story that grabs the reader’s attention and does not let go. Luck of the Draw is a promising debut from Julie Lence, and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.”


Reviewer for LWR Book Reviews


Meet Juls~

Julie was born and raised in upstate New York. She married her high school sweetheart and accompanied him on a 20-year career with the United States Air Force. She and her husband enjoy life in Colorado, where they relocated upon his retirement.

Julie has been an avid reader of romance since the 1980’s. One of her favorite authors inspired her to put pen to paper, and since she’d always enjoyed creating stories, she decided to give it a try. The result is her first western romance, Luck of the Draw.

Julie has been writing for over fifteen years. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and is active in her local chapter, Pike’s Peak Romance Writers. Currently, she is working on her next western historical, the third installment in the Weston family series.


Buy Lady Luck-Print

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Buy Luck of the Draw-E-Book

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{August 1, 2009}   Happy August!

Sortta sounds like a new movie…the sequel to Happy Gilmore!

Now onto the gripe!  A fellow writer emailed to say she’d received a bad review from someone who hadn’t even read her book.  Now, you may be asking yourself how that’s possible.  That’s easy: on certain sites, you don’t have to actually purchase the book in order to review it, which doesn’t  make a whole lot of sense, and yet does at the same time, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

The author had a sampling of her book offered on Kindle.  As a Sony E-reader owner, I know that it comes loaded with the samplings of several books in hopes you’ll purchase one or more and download them to your reader.  Kindle does the same thing.  However, in this case, the writer’s work was mature content and all Kindle gave as a sample was the publisher’s copyright page, the title page, and the book’s dedication.  This—apparently–ticked off the owner of the Kindle and she went on-line and blasted the writer with a poor review and an attack on Kindle.  I can’t say that I understand her (the Kindle owner) ire because I don’t.  It’s nothing to get so angry about that you go off on a rant and skewer the writer instead of those responsible…the people behind Kindle.

The authors themselves do not control the content of the book sampling offered on e-readers.  And for someone to assume they do is really dumb.  For Kindle to offer those 3 pages as a sampling is idiotic.  But I’m not all that surprised by Kindle since they’ve been in the press in such a dim light for a few weeks now over the entire debacle of stealing books off of Kindle owners.  But that’s yet another story.

Anyway, the author lamented that the review was not only unfair, but unjustified and could cause her to lose sales.  I agree…to an extent.  If a levelheaded person were considering purchasing her book, saw the review, that person would only have to read it to know it was left out of sour grapes against Kindle and not the writer.  However, even with that being the case, I wouldn’t want it left there either.  Will amazon remove the review?  We don’t know yet.  Should they remove the review?  Absolutely.

Some books stores only allow consumers to leave book reviews if they’ve actually purchase the book from the distributor.  I agree with that because it prevents someone with a vendetta from going all over “town” leaving bad reviews on a writer out of spite.  I also somewhat disagree with it because it prevents legitimate readers from leaving a comment or two that might go a long way in persuading a potential reader to buy a book they were merely considering.  See what I mean?  It’s really a two-edged sword.

I have another fellow writer who says there’s a woman who follows her and her friend out of malice.  I don’t mean this deranged person stalks them by hiding behind bushes, I mean this person sits on the Barnes & Noble owned online bookstore Fictionwise and waits for these two authors to have new releases so she can buy them just to leave a poor review.  I’ve gotta ask:  How stupid is that?  If you’re so bent on leaving a poor review that you’ll buy a book just so you can…isn’t there something seriously flawed in your logic?  Your one minuscule rating is unlikely to hurt the writer, plus the writer’s making money off your purchase.  That’s what you wanted, right?  For the writer to profit off your dislike????

People really need to think about these things, eh?

Okay, I’m off on a road trip this morning.  Happy August 1st.  May August be an excellent month for you all.  May blessings abound!  Take care…

et cetera