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{August 18, 2009}   Cover Corner: Steven Nedelton

The Write Time & Place is happy to extend a warm welcome to Steven Nedelton and his debut novel, suspense/thriller Crossroads.  Please take a moment to read about the book, about Steve, and click the cover photo to read an excerpt.  And hey, why not scroll to the bottom of the post and leave Steve a few words of encouragement on his new release!  Thanks!       Valerie


Crossroads_BookFront_LRGFour guards and a large Siberian dog surround him.

The chase car is still flashing red. A large Mongol with a flat yellow face and shovel-like incisors is holding his passport and visa. The guard’s Russian is hard to understand; his English is impossible. “My car stalled, I’m a tourist,” he is explaining in his bad Russian to the Mongol. The guard laughs, shows off his incisors, then pokes him in the chest with his gloved forefinger. “You play poker. You, you–capitalist spy,” he says in his best English.

* * * *

Tallman has served the agency for many years, and now he’s received a new assignment.  He’s not certain he believes in this new secret technology, but he’s only the handler.  It’s the men under his command who have to perform.  Still, he wonders about the Russian, Mikhail.  They say he’s the best in the field.

They say he’s defected…

* * * *

She knows her supervisor, Sokolov doesn’t trust Mikhail.  He believes Mikhail has defected and is revealing Soviet secrets to the Americans.  She knows he will destroy Mikhail…if he can find him.  But Tatiana will keep him safe.  Sokolov doesn’t realize the power she possesses…

* * * *

About Steve:

Steven Nedelton began writing short stories in his teens. He wrote his first novel in the late 90s. Crossroads is his first published novel. The Raven Affair, also under contract with Asylett Press, is scheduled for release late 2009. Currently he is working on his next novel The Tunnel.

Steven is a mechanical engineer, MSME (PIB/NYC), P.E. in PA and NJ. He lived for several years in Paris, France and London, England and is able to draw from his experience living abroad to add realistic description of these locales in his novels.

Visit Steve’s Website




Harvey says:

Well done, Steve. The cover does a perfect job of implying the chaos of society and gives me a sense of detachment. I love a good spy story. Keep on writing.

Juls says:

Hi Steve:
Looks like a good story, and with your having lived overseas, the landscaping should be amazing. I wish you much success and many, many sales with Crossroads.

Mark says:

Your novel has a most interesting plot, Steve. I love Soviet intrigue — reckon it’s in my blood. My name is Ozeroff, and my grandfather helped overthrow the Czar (he was “drafted” by the Bolsheviks).

May you enjoy critical and financial success with CROSSROADS…


Karen says:

Looks intriguing; there hasn’t been much recent fiction in the Russia vs US genre recently other than Tom Rob Smith–maybe you can give him a run for his money! The gut-dropping fear of being in trouble in a place where you can’t make yourself understood is a good jumping off place for a story. Maybe Harrison Ford’s agent is cruising the web and…..

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