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{August 20, 2009}   Delaware…land of history and fine sand!

Well, my husband surprised me with a lovely trip to Delaware.  We were all over that state!  I loved every minute of it.  The beaches are simply wonderful.  We spent the most time at Rehoboth Beach, which is huge.  We also went to Lewes Beach and Slaughter Beach (yes, that’s the real–and scary–name of the beach).  We found out AFTER we were there that a swimmer at Slaughter Beach was bitten by a shark on July 3, 2009.  And, so, that explained why we were the only people on the beach the day we visited!  I really enjoyed my time in Delaware.  So much to see and do!  Such warm and friendly people, too.  We took a coastal highway route home and crossed the massive Bay Bridge.  Lovely scenery across that bridge.  As awesome as the Bay Bridge is, my absolute favorite bridge is the Mighty Mack, which goes to Saint Ignace.

So, I brought home a bottle of sand from the beaches as is my custom when visiting the beach.  I also accumulated a variety of sea shells to put in/on the sand when I display it on the buffet in my home.  I have sand from all over:  Nova Scotia, Saint Ignace, Mackinac Island, and Africa just to name a few.

Aside from the beaches, we visited Wilmington, Dover, Harrington, Lewes, Rehoboth, Milford, and a few more cities/towns.  Spent lots of time at the Dover Air Force Base’s museum, too.  Wow!  Those planes are humongous!

It was a lovely trip and we built some great memories and have some fantastic photos to fondly look back on.

In other news, I finished my edit for Honor Thy Neighbor, which is a huge load off my plate and my shoulders.  I went through the edit several times to make sure it was as I wanted it, and that I’d made all the necessary changes/revisions/deletions.  I’m so excited about the release.  I love these characters  and I can’t wait to gain some reader feedback on them!

Her Last continues to hold it’s own in sales, which I pray just continues deep into September so that when Honor Thy Neighbor is released in September, it can gain some momentum from readers of Her Last.  Every little boost helps!

My sister called today to tell me she’s been reading my other new release from 2009–GeeWhiz Meets SHAFT.  Nothing but rave reviews!  She said she was sitting on a bench on campus today laughing out loud, which just had me beaming and grinning ear-to-ear.

I got the first round of edits for my November release–That Taste of Orange–my holiday short fiction.  I’m so excited about that release, too.  This will be the final release of 2009 for me, which closes out the year with 4–two full-length novels and two short fiction pieces.  While the joy never seems to end, neither does the work involved in 4 releases in 1 year.  I told Steve last night, I didn’t think I wanted to do that again!  But who knows, eh?  If the opportunity presents itself…

Okay, there’s a storm loudly making its presence known outside, so I better end this and get it posted.  Thank you for reading my blog, and especially for visiting the days when I showcase a new author on Cover Corner.  😛

Harvey says:

Valerie, I thought two books in a year was too much. I can’t imagine four. I guess it’s like having twins and talking to someone who has quadruplites. Congratulations on your success.

valeriejpatterson says:

Hey Harvey! Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate that very much. Four releases in one year is exhausting! LOL I thought I had them spaced out enough to where I would only be dealing with one at a time, but there is overlapping that has occurred and took me by surprise. I will not complain, though, because every release–to me–is a blessing. And a very good reason to celebrate! 😛 😛

Karen says:

Loved the beach story, Valerie. It was a really thoughtful gift from your husband. Collecting sand or memory rocks seems to be something a lot of us do. What’s going to happen to your collection when you have moved on? One of the bitter-sweet things I had to do when back in the US in April/May for Mom’s memorial service was decide what to do with her rock collection. She had a little stone or pebble or rock fragment from almost every place she or her children ever went. Nova Scotia, Alaska, Mount Katahdin, Diamond Head Crater, etc. We had a shoe-box full of mineral fragments: what to do with them? I took a large handsome chunk of Nova Scotian granite home to Australia with me and it sits on my desk now, awaiting use as a paperweight. Two days after the funeral, my daughter said “Who says you can’t take it with you? Let’s put all these stones on Gigi’s grave!” So we did. Some future archaeologist will be astounded, but around the modest headstone and in between the Johnny-jump-ups are slivers of schist, clumps of quartz, slices of Olduvian sediment from Kenya, a flint from England and a host of other disparate minerals. I hope Mom would be pleased!

valeriejpatterson says:

Karen, I really enjoy hearing and learning about your mom! The emotion you feel for her shines through in your writings about her. I think your daughter had a great idea about what to do with that special collection. I rather think your mom would be very pleased. I’m so glad you shared this here.

Delaware has some of my favorite beaches. Rehoboth Beach and Lewes Beach are simply gorgeous and could definitely inspire some writing!

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