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{September 15, 2009}   Cover Corner: ME!

Good Tuesday morning! This week’s Cover Corner is happy to welcome…Me! LOL. It’s corny, I know, but I’m truly excited about my new release, Honor Thy Neighbor, which debuts today! So thank you for stopping by today. I hope you’ll take the time to read one more excerpt and leave me a comment! Thanks so much! …Valerie

HTN.1.fullDetective Matthew Hayes sat at the bar talking to the sole surviving partner of the Sundown Restaurant. Leo Ciarra, a man of small stature with graying black hair and a thin mustache, stood opposite the detective, nervously twirling the ice in his empty highball glass.

“I’m telling you,” Leo began for the tenth time that afternoon, his voice cracking and hinting at his desperation. “Frank’s dead because of a mob hit. I know that as sure as I know I’m next in line.” Leo smoothed back the wispy remains of his receding hairline and began twirling the ice in the glass again. “The moment Frank became a model citizen and called the police over that body found in the alley, our days began to tick off one by one.”

Matt took a long draw on his ginger ale then leaned farther into the counter, his eyes connecting with Leo’s. “Mr. Ciarra, I promise you I’m keeping a close eye on both you and your family.”

“Yeah, well who’s keeping a close eye on you? You need backup, young man.”

Just then a commotion at the front door pulled Leo’s attention from his glass. Matt turned in time to see a gunman raise his arm and take aim. “Get down!” Matt yelled as he quickly drew his 9mm semi-automatic from the holster on his belt.

Shots rang out and Matt felt the hot metal slice through his left shoulder before another shot pummeled his chest. The blast of the bullets jerked his body backward, throwing him into the bar’s railing. On the way to the floor, he knocked his head on the same railing. The screams of the patrons filled Detective Sergeant Hayes’ ears as darkness closed in around him. continue reading


To celebrate this new release, I’ll be giving away one free download to one lucky fan who answers the questions listed below by sending their responses to me in an email. Winner will be chosen randomly from all correct entries. Good luck and thank you for sharing release day with me!

There are two excerpts posted on this blog and one excerpt posted on Siren-Bookstrand’s website. All questions will come from those excerpts and the bonus question will come from my author’s page, which is connected to the book’s excerpt page. Easy!

  1. Who claims that her father taught her the tricks of his trade and how to hold her liquor?

  2. While he’s undercover, a newspaper reporter accuses Sean of being a cop. How does he deflect this accusation?

  3. What does Ashlynn want to attend that Sean keeps insisting she shouldn’t?

  4. BONUS: In my Bookstrand interview, which of my books do I say would make a great movie and which would make a great TV series?

Okay, there you have it! Click the book’s cover above to go to the interview and click the continue reading button above to go to the book’s excerpt page. And don’t forget about the excerpt previously posted to this blog. Simply scroll down! Email your answers to me by midnight eastern daylight savings time and the winner will be announced tomorrow! Thanks again for sharing release day with me. Watch for the paperback in February 2010!

Contact me: beaware265 @ (remember to delete the spaces before and after the @)


I love the noir imagery from the beginning. Your characters are earthy and imply complexity. The promise of an adventure worthy of Elmore Leonard or Mickey Spillane is implicit. ongratulations, you do action as well as anyone. I can’t wait to read on.

valeriejpatterson says:

Harvey, thank you for visiting and reading and commenting. I appreciate your time and your comments. Thank you for your email earlier…sincerely!


Your excerpt left me hanging I want to know what happened to Sergeant Hayes. Best wishes with your book Honor Thy Neighbor.

valeriejpatterson says:

Hi Vicki! Thank you for your good wishes! I’m so glad you were left hanging…enter the contest and you might be the recipient of a book to satisfy your curiosity. All are welcome!


Emma says:

*loved* the excerpts. The cover’s fantastic. You left me hanging. I want to know what happens to the detective that was shot. Gonna have to order the book. 😀


PS…I sent in my entry for the contest. Who knows, might not have to order it after all. 😉

valeriejpatterson says:

Hi Emma! Thank you so much for visiting and reading and leaving your generous comments! I appreciate that very much. Yep, I received your entry, and all your answers were correct. Moved you into the raffle. Good luck!


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