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{September 16, 2009}   The envelope please…

Good Wednesday Morning!

Release day came and went pretty much in a blur. Time was spent in reader loops promoting, inquiring about reviews, reading over the list of reviewers my publisher sent the book out to, answering e-mail, and holding a raffle for the lucky winner of a download of my new release Honor Thy Neighbor.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. The name selected to receive the free download is Bud Z.! Congratulations, Bud!!!

Here are the answers to the questions asked:

  1. Angelica Behrens claims her father taught her everything she knows about journalism as well as how to hold her liquor!

  2. Sean deflects Angelica’s cop accusation by saying he just moved to Oakmont from Canada and the only newspapers he’s seen are those used to pack glassware!

  3. Ashlynn wants to apply to the police academy but Sean keeps telling her they don’t have any openings!

  4. In my interview, I say that the Myerson Mystery Series would make a great TV series, and The Lincoln Room would make an excellent movie!

Thanks for playing along!

If you’ve purchased the book…thanks so much for instilling your reading confidence in my work! Readers are always appreciate by a writer.

Hope everyone has a great day!

To purchase Honor Thy Neighbor please click the title.

Thanks again everyone for making release day exceptional!



uninvoked says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must be so excited! I’m very happy for you!

valeriejpatterson says:

Thank you so very much! I’m thrilled! Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you back soon!

I love your avatar. Family pet?


Corinne says:

Belated congratulations on your release, Valerie!!! I’m looking forward to reading it. *G*

valeriejpatterson says:

Thank you Corinne, for your good wishes! Nice to see you visit! :o)

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