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{September 22, 2009}   Cover Corner: Lavada Dee!

The Write Time & Place is very pleased to welcome this week’s Cover Corner guest, best selling author, Lavada Dee. Lavada’s new Siren-Bookstrand release, Forever Love debuts today. Lavada’s current book, For Love or Money topped the best seller list almost instantly after being released. Check out both of her books below. Make sure you leave Lavada your comments and feedback at the end of the post. ~Valerie

Forever Love:

“I admire women who escape abusive and violent relationships to build a new life for themselves. I can imagine their sacrifices, fears and loneliness. I wanted to write a romance around the dark side of their life to bring out the hope of happy endings.” ~ Lavada ~

ld-flRoman Ragazzi, criminologist turned best selling author, works as a special investigator for the prosecutor’s office. When Bethany Towers is assigned to prosecute his latest case he has a problem. He thought he’d gotten over his love for her, but finds out a love like theirs isn’t all that easy to walk away from.

Bethany knows she’ll be working closely with Roman, and she’s not sure she can keep her professional and personal feelings separate. She’s loved him for what seems like forever and knows she always will. Once he felt the same way, then she made a decision that changed their lives. Will telling him the whole story restore his love, and what about his trust? She wants it all.


As she slowly inched away from him, his hand tightened, pulling her hard against him. The breath she’d been holding came out in a soft groan of pleasure. Giving up the pretense of wanting to get up she rolled over and pulled herself up so she could reach his mouth. Lowering her mouth, she kissed him. He might not have been fully awake, but his senses evidently didn’t need his mind to react. Bethany gave a sigh as his tongue parted her lips and he deepened the kiss. He found the clasp on her skirt and slid it down. She helped him remove the rest of her clothes until all she had on were the thigh highs. His voice was whiskey rough. “Leave them on.”

With frustration, she worked the buttons on his shirt. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for her to get them undone. “Help me. I want to feel your skin against mine.”

At her softly spoken words, he took her hands away and finished the job himself. Pulling her back against him he said, “You feel so good, so soft, so….mine.”

It had to be early because the room was dark. Rolling away, Roman opened the door to the nightstand and took out protection. At same time, he snapped the lamp on.

It all took little more than a second, but long enough for Bethany to come fully awake and have second thoughts. A blush spread across her face and her voice shook. “I know I started this, but it probably isn’t a good idea.”

* * * *

Roman couldn’t believe what he heard. He’d woken up to all of Bethany. She’d been open and passionate as she’d kissed him awake and almost melted into him. Now, it wasn’t a good idea? With a groan he fell back across the bed. Shielding his eyes with his forearm, he willed himself to gain control. It didn’t work. With a curse he rolled over intending to get up, but at his first sight of her, he knew he couldn’t walk away from this. Her hair fell in sexy disarray and her lips were full and soft from their kisses. When she nervously moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, he groaned and reached over, drawing her down with him on the bed.

She started to say something, but Roman put the tip of his finger against her mouth, silencing her. “Shush, no more second guessing. No more, all right?”

Bethany shook her head in assent and, snuggling against him, reached up and covered his mouth with hers. “I need you now. Please.” She breathed into his mouth.

“Make sure, because in another second I’m going to be beyond stopping. Beyond thinking. Tell me again you want me. You want this.”

“I do. I want you so much I ache.” She nipped on the lobe of his ear letting her breath tease his neck. “Please, I need to feel you inside me, moving and . . .” She broke of with a soft moan.

Romans soft laugh filled the room as he said, “Damn, I love it when you talk like this.”

Slipping his hand between her legs, he could feel that she was more than ready. Good, ready was good. This wouldn’t to take long and that was a shame. Click to continue reading.

* * * *

For Love or Money:

“One of my favorite movies is Pretty Woman. In this story, Megan, like Julia Roberts character in the movie, is out of her element in the world of the hero. To me, a must for a good story is being engaged in the emotion of the characters. Megan and Alex will bring you in as they struggle for their happily ever after.” ~ Lavada Dee ~

ld-flomWealthy hotel owner Alexander Colin King wants a child and heir. He is used to getting what he wants and he wants Megan Moore for the mother of his baby. Alex knows he can make his proposal easier if he takes a more traditional approach, but he will be honest with Megan. No courting, no wine and roses. This is going to be a business proposal.

When Alex presents her with his business proposal, Megan at first thinks he’s asking her to be a surrogate mother, but he quickly makes it clear he intends to create a child the traditional way.


Alex took a deep breath. This wasn’t going to be easy, but he was used to getting what he wanted, and he wanted Megan. He knew he could make it easier if he took a more traditional approach, but from the beginning, he’d known he would be honest with her. No courting, no wine and roses. This was going to be a business proposal. However, he hadn’t factored Rebecca’s health into his plan. The way things were playing out, his proposal was going to be more brutal than honest. Megan worked for him, and now more than ever she needed her job. He held the winning cards. With Rebecca’s heart condition, Megan didn’t have much of a choice other than the one he intended to offer her unless she filed a harassment suit. If she did, he knew with her limited funds, and the legal counsel he had at his disposal, he would win. He also knew that if she went that route he’d instruct his attorney to settle. Either way Rebecca was going to get the best medical treatment money could buy.

Physically, she was everything he could want. She was a medium height of five foot five, and her figure was perfectly proportioned. She didn’t flaunt her looks, and dressed on the conservative side, though it didn’t matter, with her violet eyes and sensual mouth, she could be wearing a gunnysack.

Alex watched that mouth now, and was tempted to reach over and trace her lip with his finger. Not tonight, though. She wouldn’t let him tonight, but by next week, if he had his way…

Alex lifted his coffee, taking the time to gather his thoughts. He anticipated the impact of his proposal, and his heart thudded with the challenge. “I know it’s been a long day, and you’re tired. In truth, it would be better if we could put off talking until tomorrow. However, with Rebecca’s medical condition, we don’t have the luxury of time. The next few days are going to be hard.”

Alex stood up and walked across the room. “I heard most of what the doctor told you about Rebecca’s condition. I can guess the rest.”

Agitated, he ran his hands through his hair and sat back down on the couch. “Unless I’m mistaken, King’s Crown employs you as a casual employee, which means you’re not covered with the company’s health insurance.”

Megan’s eyes looked bruised. “No. You’re right; I don’t have any insurance.”

Standing up, she visibly pulled herself together. “I really have to go. This is my problem, not yours. I appreciate your kindness in stopping in at the hospital and for dinner, but it’s getting late and, as you pointed out, the next few days are going to be stressful, to say the least.”

Alex started to answer, but Megan interrupted him. “I know I don’t have sick leave either. Hopefully, Rebecca will recover quickly, and I can return to work before you have to replace me.”

Alex grated out his next word’s with a harsh tone. “I’ll take care of Rebecca’s medical expenses.”

Megan scooted to the edge of the sofa. “Why? You hardly know me. Look, I don’t want to be rude, but I can handle this.”

“Yeah, right. In the meantime, the clock is ticking for your daughter. If you try to get State Aid, which you no doubt can, it’s going to take time.”

Alex knew he was being brutal but continued on anyway. “Megan, you have to know what money can buy. Look around you. Hell, that car out there cost just under three hundred thousand. If I finance the operation, Rebecca will have the best. That means the best doctors and the best accommodations. Do you honestly think you can provide what she needs?”

He paused. “Well maybe what she needs, but is that all you want? To provide only the bare necessities?”

Megan blinked back tears. “So, what are you proposing, a loan? It will take me awhile to pay it back, but I have a friend who can help me get an extra job that pays well.”

“And who takes care of Rebecca while you hold down two jobs?”

Megan lowered her gaze to the floor. “This job is nights, after Rebecca is in bed, and our neighbor who watches her now can just spend the night. Besides…” Megan broke off. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “Besides, I wouldn’t have to work every night. Kel…my friend, says I’d have to work only a couple of nights a week.”

She didn’t have to finish the sentence for him to know she was talking about Kelly. Alex clenched his teeth shut on the nasty reply he wanted to make. He’d spent most of the day with King’s Crown security and the police. To add to his frustration, he’d wanted to fire Kelly outright, but they’d convinced him to hold off and give them a chance to close the escort service down by getting the top guys. Kelly, the receptionist that worked alongside Megan, was using the hotel for a place of business, and he didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know exactly how Megan intended getting the money to pay him back. Still, he wanted to hear her say it. “Do you have any idea of the cost for this kind of operation?”

Still avoiding eye contact, Megan kept her gaze focused on the floor in front of Alex. “When the first tests came back, I checked with the hospital office to get an idea of the costs. They said somewhere between a hundred and two hundred thousand. When I talked to the doctor, he confirmed it.”

So she had done her homework and knew how much money she was going to need. He winced at what it would take to get it. Even if she was good, which equated to expensive, that was going to be a lot of late-night work. He’d be damned if he cared. That she was willing to prostitute herself only helped the case he was going to make.

Alex leaned back against the sofa, giving the allusion of comfort, when he was feeling anything but comfortable with what he was saying. “I have a better option for you. You need money, and I have it. On the flip side, I need you for something I want.”

Megan’s head snapped up and Alex paused. In her eyes he saw what a cornered animal looked like just before it sprang for the jugular. The look was there for a only second, then gone. He had to give her credit; she was a fighter and a smart one. Click to continue reading.


5 BOOKS: “While For Love or Money features a marriage-of-convenience premise that has been done countless times before, I enjoyed this author’s take on the premise and the surprises and twists she threw in with the characters and their relationship with one another. For Love or Money is a extremely pleasurable story filled with characters you can’t help but come to love.” — Long and Short Romance Review

5 HEARTS: “This story is extremely thought provoking, making anyone who reads this story stop and think about how you would have reacted if you were in Megan’s shoes… For Love Or Money is an excellent name for this book, for both Alex and Megan will have to chose which road they will take. A great book with loving and passionate scenes written with good taste and a nice storyline for everyone to enjoy.” — Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

Both books are available through Siren-BookStrand

* * * *

About Lavada:

Lavada lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is an avid reader, enjoying almost all genres. She takes the advice to write what you enjoy reading to heart and her goal is to write books that cross genres, taking the reader on different paths with equally enjoyable and captivating stories.

A dreamer, Lavada has a need to create. She worked in the computer field designing and developing first mainframe applications and later web sites. The art of writing has proved to be a challenge but it gives her satisfaction beyond anything she could have dreamed. When not writing, Lavada enjoys reading, web development, and being with her husband and their very alpha Jack Russell Terrier.



Congratulations on your release today! And on “For Love or Money” topping the best seller’s list. Wishing you many sales on both books.


Thanks bunches. I just got up and was thrilled to see this. I’m sort a late night person. Great way to start the day.

This is great Lavada. May you have many sales. I’m putting this link on my Facebook… Hope you get some traffic here.

Also, thank you Val for showing off works of writers.

Patricia. I haven’t joined Facebook but it’s on my list of todo.
Thanks for the well wishes.

Michele says:

Great review! Hope all is going well with you Lavada! Best of luck with your new release!

Woohoo! Congrats on the release of Forever Love. The cover is GREAT. And I love the name Roman Ragazzi. It just rolls off the tongue. I wish you mega-sales!

It’s a better book for all your critiquing.
Mega Thanks

Thanks for the comment. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the thrill of release day. At least I hope not.
Thanks for sharing it with me.

Juls says:

Hi Lavada:
Congratulations on your new release, Forever Love. The cover is awesome. Here’s wishing you many sales, and keep in touch.

Hi Juls,
Thanks, I do miss you guys it was the hardest part of leaving.

Lavada congratulations on your release of Forever Love. The excerpt had me wanting to read more. Best to you.

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