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{October 1, 2009}   Happy Birthday, Vicki!

I have a very dear friend.  Her name’s Vicki, and today’s her birthday.  We met almost a decade ago when she sent me an email with a writing question.  At first, I just thought I’d give her some writing advice and that would be that.  However, she struck up a conversation and before either of us knew it, we were writing regularly.  It didn’t take long to cross the miles between us and get to know each other.  I learned about her husband and she learned about mine.  I went through the very sudden, unexpected loss of my dad, and she told me about hers walking out on her and her mom and sister when she was little.  We both wanted a family, neither of us has been blessed in that way.  We both wanted to be writers.  We went through the writing firsts together.  She to write her first, and I to publish my first.  We have so many things in common that it just seemed the perfect fit for friendship.  It’s a give and take.  It’s uncanny how we always know when something is bothering the other.  Then we do what we can to help the other one through whatever troubles us.

Vicki’s a lovely person both inside and out.  She has the shade of brown hair that reminds me of burnt umber on a painter’s palette.  She has a smile that makes her eyes crinkle at the edges because it truly reaches her eyes and lights up her face.  She’s got these long legs that go on and on.  And she has these long lines and smooth curves.  She’s a head-turner!  And yet as pretty as she is on the outside, she’s even more beautiful on the inside.  It’s difficult not to like Vicki…or to be drawn to her because she’s the type of person who’s gentle and sweet and encouraging and warm and funny and a little zany.  She’s also the type of person who’s loyal and steadfast and always has my back when I need someone to be there!

Everyone needs someone like Vicki, and everyone needs to be like Vicki to at least one person.  I try to be as good to Vicki as she is to me.  I think I come up short.

Happy Birthday, Vicki!

I hope it’s one you’ll never forget.  One that’s so very special it puts a smile on your face just recalling it!

Love you!


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