The Write Time & Place!

{March 29, 2016}   Applying Fingers to Keyboard Once More!

I stopped by and took a good look around.  Spied the cobwebs and the dust bunnies and realized it was high past time to get back to my blog.  Have no idea if I’ve got any readers or followers left, but I’m going to give it a go anyway!

I have not been active on this blog in a long time.  I took over the care of an aging aunt and I found I had less time and less energy, and, well, more to do.  So this seemed an easy thing to give up.  Seems I was right, but now I am going to try to revive it.  So, I swept away the cobwebs and the dust bunnies, removed the coverings from the virtual furniture, restocked the fridge, and opened the windows to let the spring sunshine in and a little breeze.

The place looks cozy and warm and bright again.  Please take up a seat and have a read and leave me your thoughts!  If you’re still out there, that is!!

I have also made the decision to get back to my writing.  If you’re still around–or if you’re new and have taken a look around–you’ll see I used to be a busy writer.  Haven’t written a thing since 2011 due to love obligations.  Well, other than my guest appearances on Over the Backyard Fence, a blog I contribute to once a month.

I blew off the dust on a manuscript I wrote in 2011.  Solicited a couple friends to read the first chapter, and then used their honest opinions to go through the entire manuscript several times.  I’m working on it currently, and I’m not all that certain I will ever do anything with it other than using it to regain my writing chops, hone my skills, and begin anew with new work.

You know how people crave chocolate or sugar or caffeine?  I crave book releases and signings and guest appearances and speaking engagements!  Haven’t done a speaking  engagement in a l-o-n-g time!

I hope to regularly add blog articles regarding my progress on a new manuscript, plus any other topic that snags my interest.  Hope to see some comments from anyone still “listening”.

Until next time, may the spring sunshine not just warm your face, but also your heart.

Shelley says:

I am so glad you are writing again!

Valerie J. Patterson says:

Thank you so much Shelley…for your support! 😛

Life can take over our writing, but that’s really why were here. Good for you for getting back at it and follow your dreams.

Valerie J. Patterson says:

Yep, sometimes we find something more important to use our time for. However, it feels good to be creating characters and plots and settings again!

Glad you have time again to go back to writing. Keep it up! You have such a talent for storytelling.

Valerie J. Patterson says:

Thank you so much, Stacey for your help! I appreciate it a lot. The creative process…there’s nothing else quite like it!

Harvey says:

You can’t stop writing. You have stories to tell.

Valerie J. Patterson says:

Thank you, Harvey! I do have stories to tell. Some time in the near future I’m going to sit down and try my hand at a non-fiction book. Looking forward to it, too! Thanks for your help, too. Very much appreciate you!

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