The Write Time & Place!

I’ve known since I was in the fourth grade that I wanted to be and would be a writer. Writing is my passion! I love to create characters and settings and write dialog and describe people, places, and activity. What better way is there to go anywhere in the world, be anyone on the planet, and experience everything than from my desk chair, hands on keyboard?

Currently, I’m a book editor for Asylett Press. I’m also the hostess of an award-winning writers’ website aptly known as the Writers Wall.

I’ve got four novels and two short fiction books currently on the market. All of them are available on-line through the publishers and several on-line bookstores. E-versions are also available through Fictionwise. Please check out the Already on the Shelf and New Releases pages of this site to read more about each title available.

I’m married to Mr. Perfect! He supports my writing career so much he’s designed several of my book covers. Steve and I reside in southwestern Pennsylvania.

To contact me: beaware265 @

My sister Valerie is a very talented, smart and beautiful woman. I talk often about her at college, her life is what gave me the courage to go back to school. I look upto her in everyway. When I have an essay to write I goto her for advice. Valerie congratulations on the new release can’t wait to read it, the cover is outstanding as usual. I love you

valeriejpatterson says:

Janis! Yay! My baby sis made it my blog! Woohoo! Thank you so very much for your heart-touching message, Jan. You know that I love you very, VERY much. You and your girls are extremely important to me. I’m very thankful I can share my writing successes with you. I’m proud of you for doing what it takes to make your own dreams come true. Love you!

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