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{January 1, 2010}   Happy 2010!!

Howdy!  Happy 2010 to everyone!  It’s a new year already, and it’s time I get back to thinking about writing.  The holiday season always takes me away from my writing schedule.  This year it had a lot of help with some crises.  First, I nearly lost my sister (there’s a post here all about her battle).  She’s regaining her health, but it is taking a long time, which is what she was told to expect.  Second, I have a very dear aunt–my dad’s sister–and she had her own health emergency.  She went in for a routine biopsy and when they took her into the operating room, her heart went bonkers!  Her heart beat decided to accelerate to 180 beats per minute and wouldn’t slow down.  Immediately, they took her down to the cardiac intensive care unit where they literally flatlined her, waited a few seconds, and restarted her heart.  She spent two more days in the hospital and was sent home.  We’re a) very glad she’s still with us and b) hoping the problem can be stabilized with meds instead of a pacemaker.  Lastly, I had my own bout of illness.  A teenie tiny minor bout–just to put it in perspective with everything else.  I got an infection in my jaw.  Who knew that could happen?  Not me.  The entire left side of my face was in pain and I couldn’t eat–not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!–but the sensitivity was not good at all.  Once they cleared up the infection, I went in for the dreaded root canal!  Oh well, I can eat and talk and drink and touch the left side of my face again so all is definitely well!

So there you have it…the holiday season of 2009 was packed with more than just celebrations.  And all of it lent itself to tossing out my writing schedule completely.

I don’t make new year resolutions.  Why make a promise to yourself you know you can’t/won’t keep?  Isn’t that setting yourself up for additional disappointment–this time doled out by yourself to yourself?  No thank you!

I have a writing friend–Jay–who’s put it all in plain words for me.  In a recent email he said–and I quote–“We both know that after the new year you need to get back to it!”  He’s right, of course.  I do need to get back to it.

I have a lot to be thankful for from 2009:

  1. I had 4 releases…two novels and 2 shorts, all of which were released in e-format as well as paperback.

  2. I still have a sister and an aunt.

  3. I have my health.

  4. I have my husband.

  5. I have my family.

  6. I received rave professional reviews on all of my releases.

  7. I received 1 less than stellar, but still positive review on one of my releases.

  8. I took a couple fabulous trips this year, which aided in building wonderful memories.

See?  I have a lot to be thankful for…and I could have listed many more, but I figured mostly you all would be interested in the writing blessings, with a few personal blessings thrown in.  With regards to bullet no. 2, I have my very own personal miracles for which I will be eternally grateful.

Okay, so I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season.  May your Christmas have been blessed with love and great joy.  May 2010 be the best of the best and loaded with blessings of all kinds.

Until next time…


{December 13, 2009}   O.K,. so it’s been a while…

Yeah, it’s been a while since I was last here with anything personal.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have kept me fairly busy, but mostly I was away on family emergencies.

My older sister, Shelley, nearly died from the H1N1.  She spent some time in ICU on a ventilator struggling for her life.  That was 2 weeks ago.  She’s home, but still dealing with health issues, which I pray end very soon so that she is well for Christmas.  She’s got a new grandson, and I want her to be healthy so she can experience this first Christmas with him.

Having her survive is a miracle, and I am eternally thankful for answered prayers and a healing touch from God.

Yesterday, my younger sister and her girls–and their friends–came for a visit.  We spent the day doing the Christmas baking.  Several hundred cookies later, we collapsed exhausted all around the living room to watch a holiday movie.  I love having family at my home.  It’s just such a blessing to be surrounded by people you love, knowing they love you back!

I’ve been scouring the ‘net for items I’ve missed regarding my work…reviews and such…which I’ll be posting throughout the week.

Another year has come and practically gone.  2010 will be here before we know it.  I’m hopeful for fresh beginnings on some works I have in progress.  I’m trying to get book one in a new series revised and completed and submitted to a publisher.  I have a couple short fiction pieces I want to submit to Eternal Press, too.  I keep saying I’m waiting for things to slow down, but I can’t wait on that…need to embrace the new year with gusto!

Happy Sunday!

{November 16, 2009}   Writing News…

I’ve received fan mail from several readers expressing a strong desire to read more about the United Universe and Spade.  So I am very happy to report that I’ve discussed book two with my publisher, Asylett Press.  As soon as I have run a cursory edit, the sequel will be sent to the publisher for release in 2010.

As I’ve said before, I am quite pleased with the reader reaction to GeeWhiz.  And I’m thrilled with reviewer reaction!

I’m also working on the final edit of book two in the Myerson Mystery series so that I can submit that to BookStrand for a release in 2010.

I’m writing a new book set in St. Ignace, too.  My husband and I visited St. Ignace a couple years ago and I fell in love with the area.  The community just seemed so close-knit.  I loved the live shows at the public marina.  It’s simply stunning, too.  I hope to have it written in 2010 and submitted for release the following year.

Of course, I’m always working on short fiction.

A lot coming up.  A lot to look forward to!

{October 11, 2009}   Woot! Woot!

I don’t know when it happened, but it happened!  And I’m very excited about it.

My Eternal Press book page for That Taste of Orange is up and active.  You can find it here!  Yay!

The excerpt and blurb are there, too.  I just love the cover!  Make sure you pop on over and read all about my November 7th release!  Can’t wait for the launch party in November, either.

I’m excited for many reasons.  One: this is my last release of 2009 <sigh>  Yes, I’m sighing with relief!  This has been a jam-packed year for me with new releases, and I’ve not had a chance to finish any of my other projects.  Two: this is my last release of 2009 <wistful sigh>  As busy as it’s been–and it’s been busy–I’ve enjoyed each and every new release from start to finish.  2009 brought me to Eternal Press and to Bookstrand, and the experiences have been wonderful.  I’m enjoying getting to know everyone at each place all while I keep active on the Asylett Press authors’ loop as well.  I almost hate to see the 2009 release madness end!  Three: That Taste of Orange is one of my favorite short fiction pieces.  I truly enjoyed writing the story, creating the characters–who are fabulous, by the way–and resolving the conflict between them in a somewhat steamy way (but not so steamy some of my regulars would not want to read this terrific story).  Four: have I mentioned that cover?  Great covers always get me revved up for a release, and this is a great cover.

So please join me in my excitement, and get ready for my November 7th release with me!  Leave me a comment after you’ve had a chance to read the blurb and the excerpt and give me your thoughts.  Email’s always another option, too!  I love getting your emails so keep them coming!

Until next time…Happy writing!


{October 8, 2009}   What to do…

Usually, I’m a voracious reader. I normally go through several books a month, take a trip to the bookstore and load up again, only to read them and hunt for more. Generally, I post reviews on the books I read…especially if I find them to be exceptional reads or terribly boring!

Lately, this has not been the case. Friends have given me books to read for the past several months, and I’ve bought numerous ones that have piqued my interest. They sit on my To Be Read shelf in my personal library. In fact, that shelf has grown to two and has spilled out onto the floor. I cannot get motivated to read!

Now, I have been top heavy with releases this year, which has taken my time away from many other things. However, if I pick up a book to read, I set it back down.

Has this ever happened to you? What do you do about it? Is it a sit and wait kind of thing? I need to snap out of it soon or else stop buying books! 😦

In other news, Eternal Press had a launch day party yesterday. I was unable to attend due to business commitments, but I read all about it and must confess I feel left out! By all accounts, it was an excellent launch!

That Taste of Orange launches November 7th and with it being a Saturday, I will most definitely clear the calendar so I can attend as long as possible and tell folks about my new release. I hope you’ll join me and the other marvelous EP writers!

Bookstrand releases books weekly, and some of them sound like superb reads! Honor Thy Neighbor was released September 15th, and I’m anxiously awaiting reviews! Hope they come flying in soon.

A writer friend of mine is planning on submitting his first manuscript. I’m so excited! He’s primarily a writer of non-fiction–and he’s a cancer survivor. Why am I telling you the last part? Because the book he’s getting ready to submit is a personal journal about his experience from start to surviving!

I always get so excited when a writer friend tells me s/he has reached the point of submitting their work. Don’t you remember your first submission…and the ensuing crushing weight of that first rejection letter? Regardless, embarking on a new beginning is always a great time in your life. I wish my friend much success, and have offered to help in any way I can. I look forward to announcing his acceptance right here on The Write Time & Place and even featuring his book on the Cover Corner!

Welp, leave me a comment or drop me a line and tell me how you kick the reading doldrums! I’m counting on you! 😛

Until next time…happy writing!


{September 30, 2009}   Honor Thy Neighbor: Snippets!

As promised, I’m posting various snippets from my new release, Honor Thy Neighbor. Honor Thy Neighbor is a mystery/crime novel that also falls into the romance genre due to the fantastic relationship between the two main characters: Ashlynn and Sean Myerson. Enjoy the snippets, and leave me a comment or two telling me which were your favorites! Thanks! … ~Valerie

Mystery Snippet #1:

Walking down the sidewalk and into the alley, she spied Eliza’s car in its usual spot. As she made her way around the car to the back door, a startled scream parted her lips. She found Eliza prostrate on the ground between the car and the shop’s rear door—the petal pink dress she wore saturated with her own blood.

Romance Snippet #1:

Ashlynn sat up, the sheet falling from her shoulders to reveal her naked torso, healthy and toned. “We haven’t made love yet.”

Sean turned, his eyes drinking in the view she willingly gave him. His body reacted. Her auburn tresses—unkempt by sleep’s beautician—poured over her shoulder, barely covering the firm swell of flesh. Her passion always turned her sultry blue eyes a subtle shade of navy.

Mystery Snippet #2:

“Alex spotted someone in the yard at the front of Leo’s house,” Nancy said to Sean. “He lost sight when the figure went around the side of the house.”

“Call the station. Get a car up there now,” Sean ordered. “They’re supposed to be patrolling the neighborhood, so it won’t take long to get a response. Dispatch will log your calls as anonymous tips. There won’t be any trails leading back to this house.”

Romance Snippet #2:

Sean searched her eyes, seeing nothing but love and desire there. His mouth met hers. He needed more from her, had to have more from her. Releasing the front clasp, he parted the soft silkiness of her bra, her breasts poured out and into his waiting hands. He tasted her, every bare inch of her breasts. The cool rainwater blended with her natural taste, inciting him to seek more from her.

His mouth moved along her neck, over her shoulders and again on her breasts before returning to her mouth.

Mystery Snippet #3:

Sean lowered his voice. “Is there a safe place behind the bar for my weapon?”

Leo showed his first sign of uneasiness. “There’s an old cash drawer beneath the bar. We stopped using it when we got the computerized registers. No one even remembers it’s there. Will that do?”

“As long as it’s accessible.” Sean glanced around. “Anyone besides you know what I’m really doing here?”

The older man paused, searching Sean’s eyes. “No one suspects a thing. Frank put out the word he wanted to hire a new bartender. Everyone knew.”

“What happened to the last bartender?”

“Someone murdered him.”

Romance Snippet #3:

“Nancy and Alex will be here in an hour. Are you getting up, or shall I conduct the strategy session in our bedroom?”

Tossing the sheet away from her, she stood and stretched. As she moved past him she whispered, “You may have won the round, but your eyes tell me you lost the bout.”

Catching her around the waist, he brought her naked body flush against him “I’d say you’re lethal.”

Mystery Snippet #4:

Nancy handed Cain the plastic bag containing the letter. “Sean wants it taken to Forensics.”

“When did he get this?”

“Sometime this morning. Leo found it when he opened the restaurant. Sean said it refers to a boy who’s been seeing Leo’s daughter. Apparently, he’s not in high school. He has his own agenda.”

“Where’s the girl now?”

Romance Snippet #4:

“Where are we?” she finally asked.

“I don’t know. I think we’re in a basement or under a porch. I don’t know.”

“How long have we been here?”

“I don’t know that, either. They drugged me after I put you in the car. I can’t be sure of the day, either.”

A small laugh parted her lips. “You are a well of information. What time is it?”


“Looks like you got one right,” she mused.

“I do my best.”

{September 24, 2009}   That Taste of Orange

It’s Thursday, and I have very good news to share! Yesterday, I approved the new cover for my November 2009 release, That Taste of Orange. Amanda Kelsey is the artist. She’s the wonderful person who designed the cover for my July 2009 release, Her Last. I got rave reviews on that cover from you, my readers! Sadly, she does not display that cover on her portfolio, but that’s okay. She’s only got so much space! Still, you can view Amanda’s portfolio here. As soon as I get the various sizes of the cover, I’ll be hopping over to The Write Time & Place just to post one for everyone to see.

New covers are always so exciting. They get me revved up about a new release, and the debut of the cover always begins the onslaught of promotional activity for that release.

On a writer’s group I belong to, a fellow writer was posting snippets of her latest release. These were nothing more than 3-4 lines of tantalizing story bits aimed to get the reader salivating about her story. It worked! So now I have a new promotional tool to use right here! Look for snippets of Honor Thy Neighbor to begin appearing. And as the release day for That Taste of Orange approaches, watch for snippets of that, too!

Okay, that’s it for me. Off to the office. Yay! (not).

Have a fantabulous Thursday!


{September 22, 2009}   Cover Corner: Lavada Dee!

The Write Time & Place is very pleased to welcome this week’s Cover Corner guest, best selling author, Lavada Dee. Lavada’s new Siren-Bookstrand release, Forever Love debuts today. Lavada’s current book, For Love or Money topped the best seller list almost instantly after being released. Check out both of her books below. Make sure you leave Lavada your comments and feedback at the end of the post. ~Valerie

Forever Love:

“I admire women who escape abusive and violent relationships to build a new life for themselves. I can imagine their sacrifices, fears and loneliness. I wanted to write a romance around the dark side of their life to bring out the hope of happy endings.” ~ Lavada ~

ld-flRoman Ragazzi, criminologist turned best selling author, works as a special investigator for the prosecutor’s office. When Bethany Towers is assigned to prosecute his latest case he has a problem. He thought he’d gotten over his love for her, but finds out a love like theirs isn’t all that easy to walk away from.

Bethany knows she’ll be working closely with Roman, and she’s not sure she can keep her professional and personal feelings separate. She’s loved him for what seems like forever and knows she always will. Once he felt the same way, then she made a decision that changed their lives. Will telling him the whole story restore his love, and what about his trust? She wants it all.


As she slowly inched away from him, his hand tightened, pulling her hard against him. The breath she’d been holding came out in a soft groan of pleasure. Giving up the pretense of wanting to get up she rolled over and pulled herself up so she could reach his mouth. Lowering her mouth, she kissed him. He might not have been fully awake, but his senses evidently didn’t need his mind to react. Bethany gave a sigh as his tongue parted her lips and he deepened the kiss. He found the clasp on her skirt and slid it down. She helped him remove the rest of her clothes until all she had on were the thigh highs. His voice was whiskey rough. “Leave them on.”

With frustration, she worked the buttons on his shirt. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for her to get them undone. “Help me. I want to feel your skin against mine.”

At her softly spoken words, he took her hands away and finished the job himself. Pulling her back against him he said, “You feel so good, so soft, so….mine.”

It had to be early because the room was dark. Rolling away, Roman opened the door to the nightstand and took out protection. At same time, he snapped the lamp on.

It all took little more than a second, but long enough for Bethany to come fully awake and have second thoughts. A blush spread across her face and her voice shook. “I know I started this, but it probably isn’t a good idea.”

* * * *

Roman couldn’t believe what he heard. He’d woken up to all of Bethany. She’d been open and passionate as she’d kissed him awake and almost melted into him. Now, it wasn’t a good idea? With a groan he fell back across the bed. Shielding his eyes with his forearm, he willed himself to gain control. It didn’t work. With a curse he rolled over intending to get up, but at his first sight of her, he knew he couldn’t walk away from this. Her hair fell in sexy disarray and her lips were full and soft from their kisses. When she nervously moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, he groaned and reached over, drawing her down with him on the bed.

She started to say something, but Roman put the tip of his finger against her mouth, silencing her. “Shush, no more second guessing. No more, all right?”

Bethany shook her head in assent and, snuggling against him, reached up and covered his mouth with hers. “I need you now. Please.” She breathed into his mouth.

“Make sure, because in another second I’m going to be beyond stopping. Beyond thinking. Tell me again you want me. You want this.”

“I do. I want you so much I ache.” She nipped on the lobe of his ear letting her breath tease his neck. “Please, I need to feel you inside me, moving and . . .” She broke of with a soft moan.

Romans soft laugh filled the room as he said, “Damn, I love it when you talk like this.”

Slipping his hand between her legs, he could feel that she was more than ready. Good, ready was good. This wouldn’t to take long and that was a shame. Click to continue reading.

* * * *

For Love or Money:

“One of my favorite movies is Pretty Woman. In this story, Megan, like Julia Roberts character in the movie, is out of her element in the world of the hero. To me, a must for a good story is being engaged in the emotion of the characters. Megan and Alex will bring you in as they struggle for their happily ever after.” ~ Lavada Dee ~

ld-flomWealthy hotel owner Alexander Colin King wants a child and heir. He is used to getting what he wants and he wants Megan Moore for the mother of his baby. Alex knows he can make his proposal easier if he takes a more traditional approach, but he will be honest with Megan. No courting, no wine and roses. This is going to be a business proposal.

When Alex presents her with his business proposal, Megan at first thinks he’s asking her to be a surrogate mother, but he quickly makes it clear he intends to create a child the traditional way.


Alex took a deep breath. This wasn’t going to be easy, but he was used to getting what he wanted, and he wanted Megan. He knew he could make it easier if he took a more traditional approach, but from the beginning, he’d known he would be honest with her. No courting, no wine and roses. This was going to be a business proposal. However, he hadn’t factored Rebecca’s health into his plan. The way things were playing out, his proposal was going to be more brutal than honest. Megan worked for him, and now more than ever she needed her job. He held the winning cards. With Rebecca’s heart condition, Megan didn’t have much of a choice other than the one he intended to offer her unless she filed a harassment suit. If she did, he knew with her limited funds, and the legal counsel he had at his disposal, he would win. He also knew that if she went that route he’d instruct his attorney to settle. Either way Rebecca was going to get the best medical treatment money could buy.

Physically, she was everything he could want. She was a medium height of five foot five, and her figure was perfectly proportioned. She didn’t flaunt her looks, and dressed on the conservative side, though it didn’t matter, with her violet eyes and sensual mouth, she could be wearing a gunnysack.

Alex watched that mouth now, and was tempted to reach over and trace her lip with his finger. Not tonight, though. She wouldn’t let him tonight, but by next week, if he had his way…

Alex lifted his coffee, taking the time to gather his thoughts. He anticipated the impact of his proposal, and his heart thudded with the challenge. “I know it’s been a long day, and you’re tired. In truth, it would be better if we could put off talking until tomorrow. However, with Rebecca’s medical condition, we don’t have the luxury of time. The next few days are going to be hard.”

Alex stood up and walked across the room. “I heard most of what the doctor told you about Rebecca’s condition. I can guess the rest.”

Agitated, he ran his hands through his hair and sat back down on the couch. “Unless I’m mistaken, King’s Crown employs you as a casual employee, which means you’re not covered with the company’s health insurance.”

Megan’s eyes looked bruised. “No. You’re right; I don’t have any insurance.”

Standing up, she visibly pulled herself together. “I really have to go. This is my problem, not yours. I appreciate your kindness in stopping in at the hospital and for dinner, but it’s getting late and, as you pointed out, the next few days are going to be stressful, to say the least.”

Alex started to answer, but Megan interrupted him. “I know I don’t have sick leave either. Hopefully, Rebecca will recover quickly, and I can return to work before you have to replace me.”

Alex grated out his next word’s with a harsh tone. “I’ll take care of Rebecca’s medical expenses.”

Megan scooted to the edge of the sofa. “Why? You hardly know me. Look, I don’t want to be rude, but I can handle this.”

“Yeah, right. In the meantime, the clock is ticking for your daughter. If you try to get State Aid, which you no doubt can, it’s going to take time.”

Alex knew he was being brutal but continued on anyway. “Megan, you have to know what money can buy. Look around you. Hell, that car out there cost just under three hundred thousand. If I finance the operation, Rebecca will have the best. That means the best doctors and the best accommodations. Do you honestly think you can provide what she needs?”

He paused. “Well maybe what she needs, but is that all you want? To provide only the bare necessities?”

Megan blinked back tears. “So, what are you proposing, a loan? It will take me awhile to pay it back, but I have a friend who can help me get an extra job that pays well.”

“And who takes care of Rebecca while you hold down two jobs?”

Megan lowered her gaze to the floor. “This job is nights, after Rebecca is in bed, and our neighbor who watches her now can just spend the night. Besides…” Megan broke off. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “Besides, I wouldn’t have to work every night. Kel…my friend, says I’d have to work only a couple of nights a week.”

She didn’t have to finish the sentence for him to know she was talking about Kelly. Alex clenched his teeth shut on the nasty reply he wanted to make. He’d spent most of the day with King’s Crown security and the police. To add to his frustration, he’d wanted to fire Kelly outright, but they’d convinced him to hold off and give them a chance to close the escort service down by getting the top guys. Kelly, the receptionist that worked alongside Megan, was using the hotel for a place of business, and he didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know exactly how Megan intended getting the money to pay him back. Still, he wanted to hear her say it. “Do you have any idea of the cost for this kind of operation?”

Still avoiding eye contact, Megan kept her gaze focused on the floor in front of Alex. “When the first tests came back, I checked with the hospital office to get an idea of the costs. They said somewhere between a hundred and two hundred thousand. When I talked to the doctor, he confirmed it.”

So she had done her homework and knew how much money she was going to need. He winced at what it would take to get it. Even if she was good, which equated to expensive, that was going to be a lot of late-night work. He’d be damned if he cared. That she was willing to prostitute herself only helped the case he was going to make.

Alex leaned back against the sofa, giving the allusion of comfort, when he was feeling anything but comfortable with what he was saying. “I have a better option for you. You need money, and I have it. On the flip side, I need you for something I want.”

Megan’s head snapped up and Alex paused. In her eyes he saw what a cornered animal looked like just before it sprang for the jugular. The look was there for a only second, then gone. He had to give her credit; she was a fighter and a smart one. Click to continue reading.


5 BOOKS: “While For Love or Money features a marriage-of-convenience premise that has been done countless times before, I enjoyed this author’s take on the premise and the surprises and twists she threw in with the characters and their relationship with one another. For Love or Money is a extremely pleasurable story filled with characters you can’t help but come to love.” — Long and Short Romance Review

5 HEARTS: “This story is extremely thought provoking, making anyone who reads this story stop and think about how you would have reacted if you were in Megan’s shoes… For Love Or Money is an excellent name for this book, for both Alex and Megan will have to chose which road they will take. A great book with loving and passionate scenes written with good taste and a nice storyline for everyone to enjoy.” — Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

Both books are available through Siren-BookStrand

* * * *

About Lavada:

Lavada lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is an avid reader, enjoying almost all genres. She takes the advice to write what you enjoy reading to heart and her goal is to write books that cross genres, taking the reader on different paths with equally enjoyable and captivating stories.

A dreamer, Lavada has a need to create. She worked in the computer field designing and developing first mainframe applications and later web sites. The art of writing has proved to be a challenge but it gives her satisfaction beyond anything she could have dreamed. When not writing, Lavada enjoys reading, web development, and being with her husband and their very alpha Jack Russell Terrier.

{September 17, 2009}   On Changes…

Being from southwestern Pennsylvania has its advantages.  We have four–count ’em FOUR–very distinct seasons.  As an author, my creativity is stimulated by each changing season.  I love the beauty of nature no matter the time of year.  Here, my surroundings are preparing for that fabulous burst of color known as Autumn.

We have a screened in living space in which I spend a lot of time from late spring to early fall.  I have a fabulous swing that I usually put a writing table in front of, load up my laptop and a beverage of choice, and sit there and write.  Many times, I just sit and look around me.  A range of large hills–slightly too small to be called mountains–is directly across from me in a distance, but close enough to see the foliage changing color.  It’s spectacular in the Autumn, incredible in the winter during and directly after a snow fall, and breathtaking in the spring.  During the summer it’s…well…green.  A set of train tracks runs through it.  The whole setting is far enough away that when the train chugs by, it always looks like a miniature train set.

Currently, I notice that our cool evenings and hot, humid days are beginning to cause that chemical change in the trees and leaves are starting to show signs of color change.  I’m excited about that because I’ve been needing a creative charge.  I have the next book in the Myerson Mystery series written, but I need to get motivated to edit it and submit.  Thankfully, my friend Jay–also a writer–has graciously offered to help me with that.  But in order to begin sending him chapters, I need to go through them, make one more pass through and revise where necessary.  Then he’ll go through, add his comments and edit suggestions, and pass it back.

I was very fortunate to have his help with Honor Thy Neighbor.  And I greatly appreciate that.  Thanks, Jay!

I’m looking forward to Autumn so that I can get creatively recharged and get cracking on this manuscript.  Otherwise, readers might cool on the series and I can’t allow that to happen!

What’s your favorite time of the year?

Have a great Thursday!

{September 16, 2009}   The envelope please…

Good Wednesday Morning!

Release day came and went pretty much in a blur. Time was spent in reader loops promoting, inquiring about reviews, reading over the list of reviewers my publisher sent the book out to, answering e-mail, and holding a raffle for the lucky winner of a download of my new release Honor Thy Neighbor.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. The name selected to receive the free download is Bud Z.! Congratulations, Bud!!!

Here are the answers to the questions asked:

  1. Angelica Behrens claims her father taught her everything she knows about journalism as well as how to hold her liquor!

  2. Sean deflects Angelica’s cop accusation by saying he just moved to Oakmont from Canada and the only newspapers he’s seen are those used to pack glassware!

  3. Ashlynn wants to apply to the police academy but Sean keeps telling her they don’t have any openings!

  4. In my interview, I say that the Myerson Mystery Series would make a great TV series, and The Lincoln Room would make an excellent movie!

Thanks for playing along!

If you’ve purchased the book…thanks so much for instilling your reading confidence in my work! Readers are always appreciate by a writer.

Hope everyone has a great day!

To purchase Honor Thy Neighbor please click the title.

Thanks again everyone for making release day exceptional!


et cetera